Live from the North Buick Lounge – Caspian

This song was a sheer turning point for the band, as it represent our first true collaboration in terms of arrangement and composition. It also demonstrated a distinct shift away from our mostly folk leanings, pushing us into the rock realm for the first time in The Reconstructed’s history. I penned the lyrics to this song after passing a lemonade stand in North Berwick, ME (which was fashioned from an old tiki bar). One of the names on the stand was “Caspian.” I’ve always dug that name, so naturally the first line in the song was “we named you after the sea…” The song, however, takes a tragic turn. Listen.

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Reconstructed Trio Wins People’s Choice Award

Over Labor Day weekend, The Reconstructed trio (Courtney, Jesse, and Martin) performed two shows on Saturday, August 30 at the Third Annual Boothbay Harbor Fest. In the process, we took home the People’s Choice Award for Best Band out of 23 bands that played over three days! Thanks to all who came out to see us and vote at both the Fisherman’s Wharf and Capers! Hope to see you all again next year!

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Video: Everything Is Better (Somewhere Else)

All of the demos for our upcoming album are complete, which means we start tracking the actual record within the next couple of weeks. Here’s a preview of track one from the new album, Everything Is Better (Somewhere Else), a song about being grateful for what you have, and accepting of what you do not. This video was shot at The Big Room (Barrington, NH) at the home of Nani and Mike Morrison.

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Video: Live from the Big Room on 3/29/14

Still debating about whether a house concert would work in your space? Check out this video from last Saturday’s performance at The Big Room in Barrington, NH. Let me just say this: similar to Wiffleball, the Reconstructed can play anywhere, anytime.

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Live from the North Buick Lounge: Circle Your Head Like Stars

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Videos: Live from the North Buick Lounge

Back in September 2012, Martin England & the Reconstructed performed live at the North Buick Lounge in front of a crowd comprised of friends, all of whom  are card carrying members of Lu Nation. After nearly a year-and-a-half in the vaults (mostly due to the lack of a video editor), we finally have some footage to share. Special thanks to Jenny England, Steve Beckwith, Shawn Henderson, M. Cole Cove, and Josh Allen for producing the show. Thanks to all who attended and made this a night for which to measure all future NBL live musical performances.

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The Reconstructed – Live in the Big Room

On Saturday, March 29, Martin England & the Reconstructed will perform live in the Big Room (aka the residence of our good friends Nani and Mike – set your GPS to 494 Greenhill Road Barrington, NH). I’ve long crowed about how much I love to play house concerts, but moreover, I love the people who are willing to open their homes to live music. They are not only high-level music fans, but true propagators of the arts. Mike and Nani, and everyone else who has hosted a house concert in the past, we thank you for your dedication to allowing music to prosper in the very places it is born.

How many parties do you attend these days where there’s a live band? What used to be commonplace is now an anomaly. But if you think about it, living rooms are a much more natural music environment than, say, a place with 16 flat panel TVs filled with unappreciative, over-talking dubs lighting their faces with their smart phones instead of actually observing life for once.

Yes, house concerts allow everyone to be themselves. And you generally don’t have to worry about someone kicking your ass over a spilled drink or a misconstrued facial expression, and the dialog between sets tends to be on a much higher plain. So, please join us for what should prove to be a true launching pad for spring. Get your tickets here. 

Book your own house concert by dropping us a line. It’s much easier than you think. Just gather 20 (or more) of your favorite friends, ask them to bring a ten spot for the hat, supply a space that’s at least 12×12, and then decide whether you want the whole band, me solo, or just a few of us. What you’ll receive in return is a night you won’t soon forget.

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